Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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Disclaimer : Music played for live audiences is quite different than what works for radio. This playlist only reflects what gets played on my late night Rock and Roll show

This radio show is quite different from the music that I usually play at weddings or other events.


Jonny Lang “Still Rainin'” from Wander This World (A&M 1998) Buy it!


Robert Johnson “They're Red Hot” from The Complete Recordings CD ALBUM (Columbia 1990) Buy it!


The Ramones “She Talks To Rainbows” from Hey! Ho! Let's Go: The Ramones Anthology CD ALBUM (Rhino 1999) Buy it!


JET “Hearts On Fire” from Shaka Rock CD ALBUM (EMI 2009) Buy it!


Bob Dylan “Girl From The North Country” from Another Side of Bob Dylan LP ALBUM (Columbia 1964) Buy it!


Eric Clapton “If I Don't Be There By Morning” from Crossroads Disc 3 CD ALBUM (Polygram Records 1988) Buy it!


Muddy Waters “40 Days And 40 Nights” from The Best Of Muddy Waters CD ALBUM (MCA 1987) Buy it!


Howlin' Wolf “Smokestack Lightning” from His Best CD ALBUM (MCA 1997) Buy it!


Bonnie Raitt “Willya Woncha” from Bonnie Raitt Collection CD ALBUM (Warner Bros. 1990) Buy it!


The Patti Fiasco “Bottle Of Wine” from No Bridges CD ALBUM (The Patti Fiasco 2010) LBuy it!


DB and The Catastrophe “Pointless” from Don't Look Back (DB and the Catastrophe 2010) Buy it!


Mark's Midnight Carnival Show “A Place Of My Own” SINGLE (Mark's Midnight Carnival Show 2010) Buy it!


Robert Johnson “From Four Until Late” from The Complete Recordings CD ALBUM (Columbia 1990) Buy it!


Hound Dog Taylor “See Me In The Evening” from Hound Dog Taylor & the Houserockers CD ALBUM (Alligator Records 1971) Buy it!


Alvin Youngblood Hart “Sway” from Blues On The Rocks CD ALBUM (KRB Music 2008) Buy it!


The White Stripes “Ball And Biscuit” from Elephant CD ALBUM (V2 2003) Buy it!


Gov't Mule “Mr. High And Mighty” from High And Mighty CD ALBUM (ATO Records 2006) Buy it!


The Black Keys “Psychotic Girl” from Attack & Release CD ALBUM (Nonesuch 2008) Buy it!


John Lee Hooker “I Like To See You Walk” from King of boogie CD ALBUM (drive 1994) Buy it!


John Lennon “Whatever Gets You Through The Night” from The John Lennon Collection CD ALBUM (EMI 1989) Buy it!


Delbert McClinton “I Had A Real Good Time” from Cost Of Living CD ALBUM (New West 2005) Buy it!


Devo “Don't Shoot I'm A Man” from Something for Everybody CD ALBUM (Warner Brothers 2010) Buy it!


Butthole Surfers “The Annoying Song” from Independent Worm Saloon CD (Capitol 1993) Buy it!


Squirrel Nut Zippers “Put A Lid On It” from Hot CD ALBUM (Mammoth Records 1996) Buy it!


Southern Culture on The Skids “Camel Walk” from Dirt Track Date CD ALBUM (Geffen 1995) Buy it!


Screamin' Jay Hawkins “Frenzy” from These Ghoulish Things CD COMP (Ace 2005) Buy it!


Harper “No Problem” from Stand Together CD ALBUM (Blind Pig 2010) Buy it!

Like everything else, times are approximate. Spinitron and this station are not liable for errors or omissions.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Unusual Wedding Themes

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Unusual wedding themes
Search: 'Star Trek' weddings

Themed marriage ceremonies have steadily increased during the last decade, according to a wedding planning group. We've gathered five of the most popular ideas, from Star Trek to Elvis.

Star Trek: Nancy Kerr and Kyle Sessions (pictured) renewed their vows at San Jose's Tech Museum's "Star Trek: The Exhibition," which closed soon after their April wedding. Like the venue and costumes, the vows had a hint of the theme:

"Do you promise to honor her and her commitment to the integrity of her mission?" Rev. Rabbit Matthews asked Sessions, 27. "Do you promise to uphold the sacraments of marriage as described in Starfleet regulations, including cohabitation of quarters, equal division of domestic labor and loyalty to one's commander and crew?"

Before it closed, a Las Vegas venue hosted the ultimate in Vulcan vows. Don't set your phasers to stun just yet -- you can easily replicate something stellar in your own backyard. (What other famous space saga is a marrying favorite?)

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Monday, April 19, 2010

10 Tips To Make Your Reception Great

10 Tips To Make Your Reception Great

1. Put your DJ next to the dance floor.
Your DJ's location in relation to the dance floor is a critical factor in creating a high energy reception. Avoid placing your DJ in a corner far removed from the dance floor. Sound and lighting will be compromised, or cables and wires will need to be placed between tables to locate speakers and lights at the dance floor. And that's impractical with guests and servers moving about. Also, your DJ should have a complete view of the room in order to MC reception events effectively. If you tuck your DJ away, your reception's energy level will suffer because your DJ will have a hard time seeing and hearing what's happening.

Also, avoid seating guests between the DJ and the dance floor. Guests who are forced to sit directly in front of the DJ table will be subject to music that is far too loud for them while other guests may not be able to hear the music over the other noise in the room. Your DJ needs to monitor sound levels and interact with the dancers to create and maintain a high-energy reception. He can provide his best service and maintain the energy of your reception when he is located adjacent to the dance floor.

2. Dim the lights when it's time for dancing.
Dimming the lights after dinner creates a more relaxed atmosphere and will motivate your guests to dance. Determine the desired lighting levels during dinner and for dancing when you meet with your reception facility's coordinator. Consider lighting levels that will compliment any candles you plan to use. Ask that your lighting preferences be included in your contract. This is an important but often overlooked aspect of your reception. Lighting that is too bright will discourage your guests from dancing and compromise your DJ's light show. The best resorts and country clubs get the lighting right while lesser facilities pay little attention to this issue.

3. Don't let pictures and videos dominate your day.
Select a photographer with a confident and relaxed style who will capture your special moments in an efficient and stress-free manner. Don't be held hostage by an overbearing photographer who will dominate your time while your guests become bored. We've witnessed a photographer interrupt the best man's toast to get the perfect close-up of your champagne glasses. We've seen the bride and groom pulled away from their just-served dinner by an over-zealous photographer who insisted it was the perfect time for the sunset picture.

4. Beware of the problems caused by sharing your facility with others.
Some restaurants will book a wedding reception in an area right next to their public dining room. Some resorts will book multiple wedding receptions in a large ballroom separated by cardboard wall dividers. Some golf clubs have homes that are directly adjacent to the reception facility. The result is inevitable. As your reception starts gaining momentum, the manager tells the DJ to turn the volume down because the music is disturbing other guests or neighbors.

Music for dancing is louder than music for dinner. Normal dance music volume would be terribly annoying to a couple having a romantic dinner a few yards away. If you and your guests plan to dance, avoid choosing a facility that imposes sound and volume restriction on your reception. Such restrictions are guaranteed to hamper your DJ's performance and diminish the energy of your reception.

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5. Invest quality time in planning your Grand Entrance.
The Grand Entrance sets the tone and establishes the energy for the entire reception. Work closely with your DJ to stage a Grand Entrance that reflects your style and personality. Decide who will participate, where they will assemble and in what order, where they will go after being introduced. Clarify pronunciation of names, determine appropriate introductions for blended families and, of course, select the perfect music. All of this planning is usually completed when you meet personally with your DJ a few weeks before your wedding. Your DJ can offer suggestions and will take charge of the Grand Entrance at your wedding reception.

6. The First Dance - don't wait forever to do it and don't do it forever.
One of the special moments of the reception is the bride and groom's first dance. Having your first dance immediately following the grand entrance is a great way to start the party with a flourish. As you are introduced, all of your guests are seated and more focused on the two of you than at any other time during the reception. Entering the room and going directly to the center of the dance floor for your first dance is sure to create what we call the "wow factor." Delaying your first dance until after dinner or after you visit each table of guests will deflate the energy of your reception.

7. Don't try to select every song your DJ will play.
Choose the song for your first dance and songs for specific reception events like the cake cutting and bouquet toss. Tell your DJ what artists and styles of music to feature or avoid, but don't micro-manage your DJ's performance. A professional wedding DJ can read the crowd and knows what to play and when to play it to keep the party going. More importantly, your DJ knows which requests will clear the dance floor and deflate the energy of your reception. You're paying for your DJ's knowledge and experience. Take advantage of it.

8. Don't rule out the 'cheese.'
Before you reject those so-called cheesy group dances like the Chicken Dance or Hokey Pokey, remember that these dances may be the only opportunity some of your guests will have to get on the dance floor and have some fun. These speciality dances are frequently requested, are very popular with your youngest guests and often create some of the most memorable moments. These dances may not be at the top of your list, but let the DJ play them if your guests so request.

9. Lead the way to the dance floor!
Most brides and grooms want to see their guests on the dance floor having a great time. One way to create that energy is to lead by example. When the newlyweds set the tone by dancing, guest will follow. Ask a favorite uncle or grandmother to dance. Cameras will flash. Family will applaud. Guests will join in. When the bride and groom actively participate in the dancing, the energy level of the reception dramatically increases.

10. Avoid interruptions once the party music has started
Plan to have things such as spotlight dances, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet toss garter toss and anything else already done before the DJ gets the party started. Any
interruptions in the party can kill all of the momentum that has been building. There can of course be slower moments when brief interruptions for announcements can be made without killing the flow of the party. The last thing anyone should want to do is to interrupt the music while there is a full crowd out on the dance floor.